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Home-SF Density Program

In response to a 2013 court case that legitimized the California State Density Bonus the city of San Francisco created its own local version of the law called the Home-SF program. Its proven to be popular amongst developers as a way to increase the height as well as the density of multifamily projects.

The program comes in three tiers depending on how much affordable housing the project owner provides. The first tier requires 20% affordable housing and while no height increase is given the density limits for a project are eliminated which is very useful for specific zonings. The second tier requires 25% affordable housing and in addition to removing the density limits allows a developer to add an additional story above what is allowed by zoning. The third tier requires 30% and allows a developer to add two additional stories. To give an example a project on Geary Boulevard which is zoned for 40 feet is utilizing the Home-SF program to increase the height to 60 feet and increase the allowed density from 19 to 43 units.

The program has a few limitations naturally. It cant be used in RH-1 or RH-2 districts which eliminates vast swathes of the city. It cant demolish (displace) any current residential units or any historical resource and must provide 3 or more units.

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